Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Art has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can recall. Being constantly surrounded by creatives and an amazing school encouraged me to make art a part of everyday life at a very young age. After graduating from Auburn University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art and Art History, I returned to my hometown to explore my passion as a professional artist. Taking advantage of a variety of mediums, my paintings strive to evoke a sense of movement, connection and balance through layers of lines and color. Drawing inspiration from many different subjects ranging from oyster shells and bones to aerial photography and the female form. Water and fluidity have always been important themes having spent so much of my life near the coast with my family. My work varies in size from small studies on paper, to large scale canvas and murals. It is always evolving and changing but rooted in the same authentic ideas and methods. I paint to explore and connect but also to find balance in the mind and soul. It is an honor and a privilege be able to create beautiful pieces for homes and families to enjoy. I hope my work will be passed down and cherished for generations to come. 

If you are interested in Maggie's artwork please email her at maggiemathewsart@gmail.com


-Atlanta Gallery Collective, Mural- Ponce City Market October 2017-March 2018
-Lagrange Symphony Guild -2017
-Celebrating Art Macon, Stratford Academy- 2017
-Dwell With Dignity, ADAC -2017
-Spotlight on Art- Trinity School- 2016
-Spalding Nix Fine Art Solo exhibition- Atlanta GA - 2015
-Diversity Earth Group Show - ADAC- Atlanta GA - 2014
-#39x43 Pop Up- Shops Around Lennox- Atlanta GA-2014
-Holiday Group Show - The Rebecca Boutique - Atlanta GA 2013
-Jetlinx Live Painting - PDK Airport- Atlanta GA - 2013
-Athenas Market- Atlanta GA- 2012
-Group Exhibition- Auburn, Alabama 2010
-Boundary Bay Group Show- Bellingham, WA- 2009



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JUNE 2017

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MAY 2015

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MAY 2015

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